About Shahdara Sharief

The Ziyarat Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah (R.A) Shahdara Sharief is located in the mid north edge of district Rajouri at 33.30 degree north latitudes and 74.26 degree east longitudes, the altitude of the Ziyarat Sharief is 5807 feet above mean sea level. Being located in the lap of Middle mountains (Pir-Punjal) range of Himalayas the average temperature remains about 20 degree celsius annually. However, it falls by 01 degree during winter and snowfall and up to 30 degree during the hottest days of June. Normally area falls in temperate mountain climate zone.

The amusing geography, natural beauty of Shahdara resembles to the valley of Kashmir. Shahdara Sharief is thronged by Manu Naka in the east, Bagla Kopra top in the west, beautiful tourist spot of Dehragalli (5900ft) in the Neza peer and Chamrede Galli in the north, every season at Shahdara Sharief is unparallel and enticing. Spring flowers spread scent, in summer greenery lays its sheet, in winter it is snow-clad peaks and white blanket at the footsteps of Dargah100k picturesque. Shahdara is famously known by the name of "SeinDara". Sein means Loin and Dara means the Maskin or abode. Before the arrival of Baba (R.A) this place was named as Sein Dara which later changed into Shahdara Sharief.

This village is located at a distance of 30 km away in the north of Rajouri town and 6 km in the west from Thanna Mandi. This Holy pilgrim place is 182 km from winter capital of J&K State Jammu 68 km from Poonch via Deragalli and 160km from Srinagar Summer capital of the J&K State via Mughal Road.

Mission Of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah

It is a well known historical fact that in spreading the ethical and spiritual values of Islam, major and effective contributions have been made by the walis of Allah (saints). It was their humanistic disposition and pity, which won over the hearts of people.