Advisory for the devotees (Do/Don't for devotees)

  1. A free Langer is runs in the premises of Ziyarat where meals and tea is served to the Zayreen free of cost on daily basis. Pilgrims are advised to take meals in the Langer Sharief which is believed to be beneficial and curative for various diseases.
  2. This shrine can accommodate about 4000/5000 people at a time. It also has dormitories for male/female. Pilgrims are adviced to take beds from entry counter in langarsharief.
  3. Sufficient accommodation, rented as well as free, available in the Ziyarat Sharief ensured with proper security, some area covered by CCTV cameras. Pilgrims are advised not to take room outside Ziyarat premises because there is no security arrangements, Pilgrims will be held responsible for any incident.
  4. Langar Sharief closes only on Friday during prayer time from 13hours. To15hours.
  5. Medical staff is also available 24-hrs. emergency drugs are also available, Specialized and advanced medical treatment is however available only at Distt. Hospital Rajouri.
  6. Best Season: the pilgrim are visiting the Holy Shrine of Baba Ghulamshah Badshah throughout the year. The summer months of May to August and Nov. To Dec. and the festivals period of URS, EIDs, & Shab-e-Qadar witness peak rush. As a result of this rush, devotees have to often suffer non-availability of rooms. It is therefore strongly advised, that for room accommodation, book online two days before the visit. The monsoon is good periods to visit the Ziyarat. During the monsoons, Nature is at its scenic beauty with lush green surroundings.
  7. Reaching Shahdara Sharief Shrine is quite convenient. It is near Rajouri, and about 182 km from Jammu. One can take a direct train service from major cities of the country like Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore to reach Jammu. Taxi,tempo,sumo and bus services are easily available at a nominal charge at bus stand jammu. Bus services from Jammu and Rajouri operates regularly for the shrine.special Taxis are also available from Rajouri as well as Jammu to take pilgrims to this very popular Muslim shrine.