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Guidelines For Online Booking Of Rooms

For online booking you can register through our website create user name and password, click on online booking for room, enter the details select location, date etc. At the end it will shows payment gateway you click on that, link will open the bank site you can enter credit card number, CVV number (at back side of credit card) and expiry date.

If the bank accept your credit card your booking is completed. You can obtain the booking receipt printout. If the message appear for Non secure site you can click on yes. For check your booking you can logon with username and password, click on successful transactions it will shows all transactions which is successful click on print option and obtain the booking receipt printout.. Otherwise if booking shows in failure transactions, you can check with your bank if your amount deducted please mail your transaction detail trace no., order no. or username and transaction date at, Please note that booking not allotted against failure transaction.

Online booking terms and conditions

  1. One day booking will be allowed after your booking is confirmed.
  2. Up to 3 rooms can be booked
  3. Whole dormitory can be booked
  4. Booking is valid for 2 days and will be extended only upon availability and satisfactory reasons.

The details of accommodation are as under:

Shahdara Sharief Guest House NO. 03
1st floor Shopping Complex
Double Bedded 13 Rooms Rs 511
Shahdara Sharief Bait-ul-Zayreen near main shrine Double Bedded 20 Rooms Rs 613
Shahdara Sharief Bait-ul-Zayreen near main shrine Dormitory(per bed) Dormitory No. 01 = 10 beds
Dormitory No. 02 = 14 beds
Rs. 103/per bed

  1. Check In and Check Out Time: 9 AM for all Complexes. Extra persons shall be charged on spot.
  2. Online Room Booking once done shall not be cancelled/postponed/preponed and accommodation will not be allotted against failure transaction.
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