SainNizam-UD-Din Sahib (SainChalla) Pallulian

SainNizam -Ud-Din, Popularly known as SainChalla belonged to Khatana clan of Gujjar community. In seventeenth century SainChalla become a servant with a Manyal Rajput family from Dalogra in Rajouri. He was assigned the task of rearing the cattle which he performed with deep interest.

One day, his master saw that the Sain was shifting dung in the fields in baskets. Interestingly, the baskets full of cow dung were not placed on his shoulder. Instead, the baskets were moving, distance high over the Sain's head. The master realizedthat Challa was not an ordinary servant, he was a man with Spiritual powers. The master set him free. Later, the Sain shifted to a nearby village and started living with the servants of a richman named Jamal Din Kasana. Jamal's servants gave him a separate small room to live, respecting his spiritual Status. But the Sain preferred to stay under a tree bare footed in snowy winter.

After sometime, the Sain shifted to pariyan village from where he again shifted to Palullian village and settled there. The Sain died in Pallulian and tomb was constructed there over his grave.

Today Sain's Shrine is visited by innumerable devotees. Facilities of stay and kitchen are being provided round the clock.