(Hazrat Sain Walidad Sahib(R.A) Bhatian Thanna Mandi)

SainWali dad (R.A) hailed from KangriBhajwal area of Sunder Bani Tehsil of RajouriDistt in Jammu and Kashmir. He was one among the five children of his parents, who came from Mahla clan of Rajputs.

His paternal aunt, who was married at Bhatian(the present resting place of Sain Sahib) was childless. So, she adopted him at an early age and brought him to Bhatian village where he grazed their cattle in thick forest and remained busy in worship and meditation.

One day, as the Sain was busy in worship, his cattle entered the field of a person from Mirza family and damaged the crop. Angered at this Mirza family abused and rebuked his aunt. His aunt was also infuriated. She slapped him and Sain Sahib went away weeping.

Next morning when the Mirzas went to their cattle shed to milk the cows, they were horrified to see all the animals dead. This way Sain Sahib's Spiritual powers got exposed and people from all sides started thronging in.

In 1965, Sain Sahib left Bhatian and migrated to Pakistan but returned to Bhatian on the direction of his murshid Sain Sahib had not married. He remained deeply engrossed in his meditation benefitting the people. On 16th August 1973, Sain Sahib left this mortal world. A Langer has been established at the shrine and every devotee takes it to seek the blessing.